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My role:

art-direction, strategy & copywriting


Make Guinness 0.0 iconic for younger audience.


If you google ‘not drinking is’ the first thing that shows up is ‘so boring’. The last thing young people want is to be boring. We have to challenge the stigma that surrounds non-alcoholic drinks by making it a cool choice, not a restriction. To become iconic for an open, creative, DIY generation of Gen-Z and Millenials Guinness doesn’t need just a new campaign, but a new, long lasting initiative.


Sasha Yaroshevich

Romaine Chickennessy


Zero Alcohol Infinite Possibilities

We present a new world where 0.0 is seen not as a replacement, but a great addition that creates infinite possibilities. Guinness is tapping into culture, creating opportunities for collaboration and celebration hand in hand with young people. It’s an initiative with a potential to give Guinness a clear sense of direction for the coming years with endless possibilities to develop on all media and directly with the audience.


Traditional advertising video, stories, challenges and filters for brand new Guinness 0.0 Instagram and Tiktok, murals, festival stands - everything created in collaboration with young creatives, showing new and unexpected ways to make and have fun.

At the heart of the initiative and in collaboration with Somerset House we’ve created #zeroproject - an infinite rolling project that gives rising artists the platform for inspiring collaboration & showcases their work to the world.

Zero Alcohol, Infinite Possibilities

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