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Team: April Pembleton, Keiddy Cruz, Kevin Audience


Create a campaign which invites people of underrepresented genders to feel welcome and thrive in sport.


We found that the wider cis-gendered community is unaware of the barriers trans people face in sports. Furthermore, when speaking to the trans community we discovered that sporting attire isn't inclusive. With these insights, we felt our campaign needed to bridge the gap between the two communities.


'Adidas Transform' - 'Dropping three stripes where the two sides meet.' We aim to educate the general public on the experience the Trans community have in sport. Using Adidas as a platform for this, we created an experiential activation, which led to a product launch. Our idea is intended to make the sporting world a more inclusive place.


Our campaign starts with billboards around London asking  questions about inclusivity in sports. This then sparks conversation on social media with the #AdidasTransform and creates momentum. The main activation is an immersive experience; three tunnels that fit together to make the Adidas logo. Within these tunnels, we show the past, present and future of the trans community within sport. Our audience is encouraged to download the Adidas app and get a discount for Adidas products including the new trans sportswear we create.

Adidas Transform

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