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My role:

art-direction & strategy


Create a campaign that encourages under 25s to swap scrolling time for book time.


Taking everyone on that journey of imagination make people one step closer to swapping their phone for a book.


Hannah Joseph

Laura Zuwa

Landre Adeleye


#TurnOffAndTurnInto was made to harness the power of imagination and get people thinking about their own stories on their commutes and, in turn, thinking about Penguin’s vast range of books for all readers.


We wanted to launch our campaign on out of home spaces on London’s transport network. Our primary execution was a series of Tube Adverts that prompt commuters with creative lines that made them come up with their own story. The creatives are so versatile that we can place these adverts on ad spaces such as buses, telephone boxes, tube stations and bus stops.

Turn Off And Turn Into

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